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Warm up and theory

Our tours starting with body warm-up (after all, it's sport activity) followed by an introduction to equipment, attitude theory, and paddling, ending the rules of safe movement on the water

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Let's do it 

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How to?

After the subsequent instruction on the water, the vast majority participants stand, but now comes the part where you are we will teach you to drive straight and efficiently so that the ride is as fun as possible for you. If it goes well, there will be some quick turns and so on to be a pro. 

The first contact with the board on the surface is important, in most cases, we start from the knees, we go into the posture after a few shots. If the balance doesn't cause you a problem at the beginning, you'll learn how to jump straight on the board!


Jump ''Na Šemíka''

We do not jump off the walls, like the legendary horse Šemík, but even so, it is quite high - 6 meters. We don't force anyone, it's such an adrenaline-fueled summer diversion.


On the water, the course ends with a race that shows what you have learned. Maybe it will to some of the winning prizes.



It depends on the winner how he handles his winnings.

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