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Paddle Party 

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Create unforgettable memories with your best friends as you embark on a fun and adventurous paddleboarding journey through the heart of Prague.

This is a
 unique and adventurous experience perfect for groups – exploring the city from a different perspective while completing some fun challenges, which we have prepared for you!

At the same time, everything will be documented and sent to you, of course 😉

Are you looking for a fun, unique activity as a part of your group trip to Prague?

We will organize an action on the river tailored to your needs so that this summer activity is for you and your group/team as fun as possible.

How many persons? 

This Paddle Bachelor/Stag party is the best for smaller and medium-sized groups (4-30 people).


This Event is based on the Paddle Tour.

But we added something special for this occasion - tailored activities, beer, and whatever you like.

let us know about your requirements and your fantasy.


The price will depend on the number of participants (more people, lower price /per person).

Let us know your specifications. See you in Prague! Contact.

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