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Tips for Prague

Congratulations on experiencing Prague from the river Vltava!🛶

In addition to learning about the surroundings on our tour, you also got better at Paddling. Which is a great skill that will always come in handy! After all, more than 70% of the planet is covered by water!

And this physical activity must have made you pretty hungry too.

So now you have to eat and drink well (Czech) and replenish your nutrients!


Focused on Czech Culture 🇨🇿

Once you're in Prague, you have to try some Svíčková with dumplings, duck and Czech beer.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be a proper Czech trip!

Mix of Local and Turist
places 💙

Restaurants, Beer Places, Cafés, Bars etc. The center of Prague really has a lot to offer!

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me/us ✔️

I recommend only places where I go, whether others have tried them and recommend them as well.

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Czech Cousine

Czech cuisine is a specific type of Central European cuisine.

Thicker soups with jam and many types of sauces with stewed meat, in both cases based on boiled or stewed vegetables, often with cream, and roasted meat with natural sauces are typical for it.

Many types of cakes and pastries that are popular in Central Europe come from Czech cuisine. 

Dishes you have to try are: Svíčková na smetaně with domplings, Hovězí guláš, Smažený sýr (Fried Cheese), Řízek s potato salad, Kachna (Duck) & for dessert Švestkové knedlíky.

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U Kroka

Czech Cousine, established in 1895.


Directly below Vyšehrad castle.

An excellent place to try, for example, Svíčková with tanked Pilsner beer.

Snímek obrazovky 2023-08-17 v 10.32.30.png



Great variety of Czech dishes. It's a bistro. 

A good place to taste a lot of Czech food, including sweet, fruit dumplings.

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Czech Cousine,
Spacious places. Established 2009.


Lokál are Czech pubs, where they care about good beer and honest cuisine. 

Great place to try Smažák (Fried Cheese)!

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U Modré

Czech cuisine is their passion.


Great place to try proper


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Other places


Restaurant U Dvou Velbloudů €€

Restaurant Červený Jelen €€€




Bars and Clubs

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