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The mission of 4SP (For Stand–up Paddle) is to promote the sport of SUP so that it becomes more popular and more people can enjoy its unrivaled benefits.

We believe that Paddleboarding is the sport of the future and that it should be part of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, 2028.












One of the ways to engage the general public (and especially the youth) is through the phenomenon of social networks (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc.). These platforms are strongly visual and we communicate there, among other things, through smileys – emojis.

Emojis are part of the keyboard equipment in every phone today, of which there are several billion! in the world.















If we could collectively get Paddle Emoji to rank alongside the Surfer🏄🏻‍♂️ and Rower🚣 Emoji, the Paddleboard image would be uploaded to the phone of the majority of the human population.

Which would cause further interest in the sport.

Join the
We Want Paddle Emoji wave and take advantage of the opportunity to have your own.

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You'll fill out
simple form

We need to know your


We'll create Your Paddle Emoji

You can use your Emoji in

Virtual & Physical world. 

We'll print it on T-shirt and send to you

Once we'll create your emoji

we'll print it on Eco-cotton

T-shirt and send to you.

44 €

Price for creating your own Paddle Emoji by graphic designer (in pdf., jpg., & png.) and printing on Eco-cotton T-shirt (Value 70 ).   

Part of this is supporting the sport you like, expressing yourself through your own originality and uniqueness, and aligning with the 4SP idea (
Value ∞).

Shipping will be calculated after completing the form here.

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