+ - 2 hours 

The whole of the equipment (paddle, board, life-vest, leash..), instructions and guiding, your photos, refreshment, the recommendations

Safety first +
Certified instructor


For individuals, couples, and groups of friends who want to discover the city while having fun in an active way - from 18 years old till 59. 
Accompanied from 15 years

Hello, future paddlers!
My name is Samuel, and I am mostly leading the tours as SUP and Prague lover.

Let's get to know historic Prague from the river like a Hawaiian!

We will meet up at our paddle station close to the center. I will teach you a bit about balance, and everything you need to know for your good ride along the Vltava river!
Our tour begins in front of Vyšehrad (upper castle), and then we will paddle toward the city center, where we will enjoy the magnificent panorama of Prague Castle and the many bridges.

Along the way, I will point out important points of interest and tell you some history and local facts about them. I will share some tales that will help you to understand this city and its river. During or after the experience itself.

Seeing the city from such a unique vantage point, with me as your River Ambassador can be the highlight of your time in Prague.

“Prague without the Vltava River would be like an orchestra without its conductor.”

If you have any questions, try to find them in our FAQ section or just contact us!

SUP Prague
Podolské nábř. 11a,
147 00 Prague 4


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