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Discover Prague from a different perspective while
having fun! 




Get to know the history and present of Prague from a different perspective, learn how to Stand-up Paddleboard and get a photo that everyone will be jealous of. 

Things We Do

Paddle Tour in the center

is an ideal type of transport 
to explore the city. 


Are you celebrating something? 
Stag/Hen Party, Birthday, whatever!

Something new, futuristic? 
This is it. 

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Best-Seller 😎 

Paddleboard in the center

Stand-Up-Paddleboarding is an ideal type of transport to explore the city. 


Stag/Hen Party, Team-building


Do you want to create new experiences in a group? This is it. 
Tailor made events for your team.


For Adventures💡


Once in a life-time experience with special neon lights. Adventure or romantic ride.

What they say...

Snímek obrazovky 2020-06-30 v 16.00.30.

Arnaud, Germany · May 2021

,,If you're looking for a unique, active, and group-bonding experience to discover Prague, this is what you need to book. One of the best highlights of our stay. I will definitely recommend to everyone visiting Prague. Gives you nice views from a different perspective. Guide Samuel helped everyone personally to get on the board and get better, told fun facts and personal stories about Prague, and took lots of beautiful photos of our group 👍''

And we do it 


Since 2017, as guides and instructors on the Vltava, we have paddled over 3,474 km. 

On this occasion, we got to know a piece from almost every continent. Thanks to that we also had to learn many approaches to teaching paddling while standing, so that everyone who comes to us was subsequently able to learn to paddle someone else. 

✅ Funny

In August of 2020, a British couple came to see us.

Patrick wanted to try to make a
360° jump on the board and stop it. He took a bath. And again. (Video is here.)

Since then, whoever manages to jump on the board, turn around and stay standing, gets a liter of beer. Three have already received the award. Will you be next? 

✅ Informatively

We at SupPrague love Paddling, and we also love Prague. We want to share this with you.

There was once a boy named Samuel. He used to go kayaking regularly to one of the water-sports clubs in the city. He always admired Prague as he passed through its center.

Then he went on to
study Art History at university. And a Paddle-Guide was created.

✅ Unforgettable

We're one of the best rated experiences in Prague within Airbnb experiences and every year we try to raise the bar. 

We became Traveler's Choice 2020 on TripAdvisor, making us one of the top 10% of continuously rated activities on this global platform.