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Story of SUP Prague


Once upon a time there was a young ten-year-old kayaker named Samuel who was passing through Prague during paddling training. Prague, the mother of all cities, excited him from a different perspective from the river.


When he finished high school, he went to study History and Art at Charles University in Prague. And he still paddled, apart from kayaking and canoeing, and on a paddleboard. Subsequently, he thought why not combine the two things he loves – the view of Prague, its rich history and paddling.



And so, in 2018, SUP Prague began to emerge. An experiential service that tries to provide travelers with the most intensive and valuable experience of Prague from a different perspective.


In addition to trying to create the most effective methods of learning how to paddle-board for beginners and advanced, Samuel applies his paddling skills on an international scale, where he placed 7th at the 2022 SUP World Championships in Poland organized by the ICF Federation (2022). Samuel is former Czech champion in Kayaking (2008), Canoeing (2009) and now in Paddleboarding (2023). He is also deepening his knowledge in the organization of sports, where he has a master's degree in sports management and economics.


For this season, the goal will be to expand the SUP Prague service for a wider group of people. So that they have the opportunity to experience the city from a different perspective, which they will never forget. The option of canoes was added.

In addition, joint community sports events (running, paddling, exercise) will be organized to further emphasize the character of the SUP Prague service - Connecting cultures through sports.

SUP Prague is a place of connecting sport with culture - with Czech tradition and trends. It is a place for mixing cultures, self-realization and learning. It is a place where you can come to get inspiration and see the world and yourself from a different perspective.

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