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Be Active in Prague 🏃‍♂️

Unleash the energy of Prague with our regular city center runs and paddling lessons. Perfect for locals, expats, and travelers committed to an active lifestyle. Join us for a unique blend of fitness, community, and iconic city exploration. Lace up or paddle in Prague – where every step and stroke leads to an active, vibrant life.


Thousands of tourists come to Prague every year. Thousands of people from abroad live and work here. Maybe it's you too.

These people want to get
to know Prague as it is. And this is best known by the locals, who also want to learn about new cultures, communicate in different languages. All of us have one thing common - we want to explore, learn, and do something for our bodies and minds.

So let's connect through regular movement in the city!


Run Prague 


Run through the centre of Prague with us in the morning and give your weekend day a fresh start.


Where? Meeting on Children's Island, Smíchov

At what time? Between 8 AM and 9 AM

How long? 5 km through the city center – Chill or compete, as you wish!

For? All the people who want to be active and are able to run :)

How much? Free

More information at Samuel's WhatsApp/iMessages +420 739 333 405. Message Run with SUP Prague


Or Instagram @supprague / @sam.peska

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