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Adventure in Prague: American Students Ride the Waves of the Vltava River!

In the heart of Prague, 60 American students went all-in for an epic paddleboarding day. Cruising the Vltava River, they didn't just paddle – they conquered Prague's waters with style.

Guided by local pros, the students learned the Paddleboarding ropes and soaked in the city vibes from a whole new angle. But this wasn't just about mastering the boards – it was an action-packed day filled with challenges and laughs.

From crazy warm-ups to wild games, like

  • Sprinting across boards,

  • Pulling off 360-degree jumps into the water,

  • Team challenges,

  • and a race with twists and turns – every second was a thrill.

As the sun set behind Prague's skyline, these students didn't just leave with paddle skills. They left with a kick-ass story and a bond with Prague that's unbreakable. This wasn't just a school trip; it was an adventure that'll be talked about for years to come.

Feeling the adventure itch? Plan your own unforgettable Prague escapade – Paddleboarding style!


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